Prescott Kitchen

Prescott's Shared Use Commercial Kitchen

Requirements for Membership

  1. Food Manager's Certification:  Available through several training programs in Prescott and the Phoenix valley.
  2. Liability Insurance naming Kitchen CoOp LLC as an additional insured, minimum of $1,000,000.
  3. A copy of your Arizona business license if you are selling a food product or service.
  4. A copy of your Yavapai County Health Department permit:  may be obtained working at the kitchen while scheduling with Yavapai County.  You will need to have made contact with Yavapai County to schedule an inspection of your food process.  1st complete our registration, then reserve 3 days in the first 90 in which you will also let the County know you will be working those days, follow up with your inspector prior to your scheduled day to be sure he/she is aware of your scheduled hours and will be out to inspect your process.
  5. A copy of your Prescott Business license if they require it for your process.
  6. You will be required to pay a $200 -$700 security deposit to begin working in the kitchen.  The amount will be based on the number of hours you intend to contract for.

Getting Started

To become a contracted member of Kitchen CoOp:

1. Register

You can apply online, by mail or fax.  Once your application is approved you will need to sign a licensing agreement.  Begin by filling out the application or contact me for questions.

2.  Submit Documents

      Submit the documents listed to the left and sign a licensing contract when we meet for a 
      kitchen in service.

3. Security Deposit

         Pay your security deposit to begin booking days and times.

4.  Schedule days to work & be inspected

Once you decide on which days you will work, you will need to notify the health department to be sure they get out to complete your inspection when you are there.  You will not be told when to expect the inspector, he or she will simply show up during the day and hours you inform them that you will be working.


Our Health Dept Inspector:  William Blankemeier

Environmental Health, Including Food Handler Training and Inspections
Prescott Office: (928) 771-3149
Cottonwood Office: (928) 639-8138